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Internet Success - Designing Your Site

    The first thing you have to decide is whether you will build your web site yourself or use a web design service.

    Advantages of Using a Web Design Service.

  • Have a professional appearance.

  • They do all of the work.

  • They can do site promotion.

  • Many times they will have a clearer vision of your needs.

  • Advantages of Designing Your Own Web Site.

  • Total control over appearance.

  • Economical.

  • Easier to update - a web site needs to be a constantly changing entity. This is what makes it interesting, that is what brings people back!

  • Planning Your Own Web Page.

  • Mistakes to avoid

  • Web Design Considerations - some thoughts about your web design.

  • Why Not An Online Ad? - Why you shouldn't design your site as only an online ad.

  • Designing sites for search engine relevance.

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