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Internet Success - Web Promotion You Can Afford.

Now that You have your web site on the Net the visitors are pouring in, right? Probably not. What are you missing? You probably are in need of a little web promotion. Let's assume that you have already designed your site for optimal recognition by the search engines. If not you'd better visit the Search Engine Secrets Page first. Now that your site is ready for the search engines you should begin by submitting your site to the major search engines.

There are different methods for submitting your site to the major search engines. You can pay a promotional company to submit your site (the least desirable in our opinion), you can use submission software, you can go to a site that submits to all of the search engines, or you can visit each one individually.

OK, your site has been submitted to all of the search engines, now what? Now it might be a good idea to visit newsgroups that are related to your site. If you sell a health product you might visit newsgroups that deal in the subject related to what you are selling. Find out what is happening in the newsgroup and become involved. Answer questions if you know them and remember not to be blatantly commercial. Just being involved and having your name, company name, and web address will assist in generating interest in your site.

Visit informative sites that are related to your subject. Try to become linked to sites that are relevant to your own. Reciprocal linking helps everyone. Remember to be diplomatic. Many people will link to you if there is a good reason to do so. This is one of the reasons why we suggest that your site be informative and not just an online ad. Read our page on Why Not an Online Ad?

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