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Instead of offering a set of different, complicated web hosting plans, we offer three simple plans that will meet the needs of nearly any web site. Our plans come with all these great features:

FEATURES Virtual Domain Hosting Sub-Domain Hosting Non Virtual Hosting
Pricing $29.95 per month
$19.95 per month
$9.95 per month
Webspace 100 megs 50 megs 30 megs
Web Traffic 50 GB 30 GB 10 GB
Free Domain Name Reg. Yes
.com, .net, .org only
Static IP Address Optional No No
POP3 Email Accounts 50 5 1
Auto responders 50 5 1
Email Forwarders 50 5 1
Web-Interface to E-mail Yes Yes Yes
FTP-SSH Access built-in Interface built-in Interface built-in Interface
CGI-BIN Yes Pre-installed Scripts Pre-installed Scripts
PHP5.0.4/SSI Yes Yes Yes
Sub-Domains with static ip only N/A N/A
SSL Access Optional with static IP only N/A N/A
Shopping Cart Optional Optional N/A