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Do you know what domain name you want Do you know what domain name you want?

  • What is a domain name?
    A domain name is really an alias for your IP number address. When you sign up to put a Web site on the Internet with DM-WebDesigner's, you will be given an Internet Protocol Number (IP), or address. All the computers on the Internet can retrieve your site by pulling up this IP number. A domain name will allow you to have a World Wide Web address like instead of having only a number such as

  • How do I choose a domain name?
    The most obvious choice would be the name of your company, for example Gears and Cogs could be   If the name is taken, then you have to become creative. You should also consider choosing a domain name that features the keywords people will use in a search engine to find your web site.

    The name may be up to 63 letters in length and may contain numbers and hyphens. The only valid characters for a domain name are letters, numbers and and hyphens. Special characters like the underscore (_) or an exclamation mark (!) are NOT permitted. Domain names cannot contain spaces or begin or end with a hyphen.

    You will need an active e-mail account to register a new domain name.